Why Investing in Your Website Is Investing in Your Marketing

You want more motivated leads. Your ads are on point. But all you’re getting is more views and exits. Is it your website?

It may seem counterintuitive, but if your website is suffering from a lack of funds to improve its marketing, more sales is not the solution. It will be, but not yet.

The most frequent concern I hear is “I can’t afford to improve my website until I make more sales, so I only want to spend money on more traffic”. As a marketing consultant with over 25 years of experience in eCommerce and digital presence, I can tell you it is probably less costly, and the return greater, than you may think.

A hispanic woman sitting in her kitchen with a cup of coffee smiling and looking at her laptop.

Imagine you see an advertisement showing the exact sparkling-widget-thing that you need, with smiling salespeople and a sunshine and roses experience. You hop in your car, rush to the shop, but…

…you can’t find the aisle with widget-things, or the widgets, there is no salesperson to be found, the music is too loud and all the signage is from 1992.

Do you keep looking, or do you head to Target? That experience would be the brick-and-mortar equivalent of following a Google link and landing on page with no clear direction to follow to become your customer. Or even worse, the link is broken, and they get a 404 Error (page not found).

An image of a 404 Page Not Found error on a computer screen

What my team does is what many business owners are forced to put on the back burner for months, years, or forever: We spend the time to go through every page, follow every link, and look for problems so you don’t have to. It is one of those tasks business owners hate to do, and do not want to take their staff off-task to do for them – and rightly so. You have your own work to accomplish.

See the marketing services we offer.

But that is not a reason to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Best marketing practices should be applied to the web design. Make sure you are squeezing every marketing penny of performance out of your website when customer arrive on your digital doorstep.

For instance, more information on a page is not better, especially now that humans have achieved the online attention span of less than a goldfish (1). As consumers, we demand answers RIGHT NOW (while we sit at home shopping in our PJs on a Saturday night with our warm milk and cookies.) My team knows how to make that happen. Book a free call to talk about your website now.

  1. You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish, Time Magazine https://time.com/3858309/attention-spans-goldfish/

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