Beyond my own expertise, I also have a wide network of industry experts that I can include in projects; offer experienced guidance for business owners; or refer you to for separate services. And I stay up-to-date with the industry through certifications, networking and education.

I help you:

  • Identify and reach your target audience
  • Create engaging and converting campaigns
  • Track results through Google Analytics and other platforms
  • Translate your results for you in layman’s terms so you can move forward with proven results.

And I:

  • Stay current with the best digital tools and best practices in online and print media.
  • Am always looking for new and creative ways to market your business that gives you an edge above your competition
  • Constant Contact Partner
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • See my full CV at the link below:

Contact Liza to set up a time for her to talk about your needs and provide you with solutions:


Liza Sivek

Owner, Marketing Strategy and Digital Media Manager

Liza’s passion is marketing, promotion, writing and creating. With a lot of time spent outdoors, traveling and volunteering in between. She is also an accomplished artist. She brings this energy and imagination to her work daily, and it is why she loves what she does. Let her use that energy to give you time back in your day and grow your business.

M. Kuma Sivek

Head of Security

Kuma joined the family business in December 2017 as a re-homed rescue with special needs. After being expelled from puppy school for getting all the tricks right the first time but disagreeing with the teacher, he graduated Summa Kuma Laude from homeschooling. He also excels at his guard station. Whether threatening-looking squirrels, neighbors daring to use their own driveways, or suspicious package delivery, he questions all.

Duke Skywalker Sivek

Barketing Intern

Duke joined the firm only recently. A recent re-homed transplant from New Jersey, he spends a lot of time in the office, learning (and sleeping) at the feet of the owner. He is in puppy high school and, as a teen dog, has a way to go. So far he has proven to excel at: shredding, fetching coffee cups, alerting us if Kuma is barking by also barking, zoomies, and snuggles.

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