Meet The Team

Our team consists of experienced marketing, design, and editing professionals who bring their expertise to you.

We help you:

  • Identify and reach your target audience.
  • Create engaging and converting campaigns.
  • Track performance results.
  • Translate your results for you in easy to understand dashboard reports, so you can move forward with proven results.

And we:

  • Stay current with the best digital tools and best practices in online and print media.
  • Are always looking for new and creative ways to market your business that gives you an edge.

We can help with your marketing and web design needs.


Liza Sivek in navy jacket with her logo in the background

Liza Sivek

Owner and Marketing Director

Liza’s passion is marketing, promotion, writing and creating. She has over 20 successful years in marketing and ecommerce, as well as an extensive background in management, sales, and customer service. She is Google Analytics Certified, holds several Hubspot certifications, and regularly updates her marketing education in the most recent tools and trends. Plus time spent outdoors, traveling and volunteering in between. While marketing is one of her passions, she is also a trained artist. She brings this energy and imagination to her work daily. And she loves what she does.

Since the start of her career, her marketing employers and freelance clients have included medical professionals, commercial cleaners, an auto dealership, financial brokers and consultants, private education, baby and juvenile gear ecommerce, medical research equipment, Realtors, and a lumber distributor, among others. She has learned what works best for what clients and knows first hand how much time and effort good marketing requires. She started Liza Sivek Marketing as a solopreneur in 2018 and in less than three years out of job necessity. Demand expanded her to an agency role in less than 3 years, in order to serve her clients in the best possible way.

smiling formal male with laptop chatting via phone

Account and Project Manager

Your project manager is your first point of contact for our clients when they need something. They are available to provide solutions.

photo of person using computer


Team Member

Our team includes a professsional proofreader / copy editor who checks our client content for accurate grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage.

Graphic Designer

Team Member

For accounts needing original or branded graphics with their marketing, we have trusted graphic designers with their own styles. We can match the right artist to our client’s brand.


Team Member

If clients need original marketing images that fit their company style, we have amazing product and locale photographers available to help. We even offer our own exclusive stock photo service at no extra charge to Your Virtual Marketing Dept. and website design clients.

Video Editor, Videographer & Animator

Team Member

Video is an extremely important marketing tool now, and we have video editors and digital animators on our team. We also offer remote or in-person videography, depending on location and availability.

Want us to start working for you?

Furpport Staff

Liza Sivek believes no home office is complete without a little pet hair, and she has the black outfits that prove it. We might be a virtually based office, but our pets are virtually part of our company. Expect our pets to make the ocassional appearance at Zoom meetings and events, and sometimes in the podcasts, whether we want them there or not!

M. Kuma Sivek

Head of Security

Kuma joined the family business in December 2017 as a re-homed rescue with neurological special needs. After being expelled from puppy school for getting all the tricks right the first time, (but disagreeing with the teacher), he graduated Summa Kuma Laude from homeschooling. He also excels at his guard station. Whether suspicious looking squirrels, neighbors daring to use their own driveways, or incoming package delivery personnel, he questions all. Kuma has an Instagram and is considering interview requests, but will probably decline.

Motto: “Who goes there?”

Duke Skywalker Sivek

Barketing Assistant

Duke joined the firm in 2019. A transplant from New Jersey, he spends a lot of time in the office, learning (and sleeping) at (on) the feet of the owner. He is a real go-getter and has proven to excel at: shredding (even if we don;t want hime to) , fetching empty coffee cups (even if we don’t want him to), alerting us if Kuma is barking by also barking, zoomies, and snuggles. Duke has an Instagram and is fielding interview reque with his brother (@MightyKumaandthe Duke), and is fielding interview requests that provide catering.

Motto: “I get what I want.”