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Merger and Acquisition Email Campaign

October 2019 (ongoing)

  • Project Title: Email Newsletter Campaign
  • Client: Touchstone Advisors. LLC
  • Role: Marketing Content Coordinator, (contractor, ongoing)
  • Digital Tools Used: Constant Contact, Adobe Illustrator
  • My role in the project: Primary design, creation and management
  • Positive Outcomes: First newsletter August. 2019; sent to 1786 contacts; 35.5% open rate; 8.2% click rate. (Compared to the previous most recent campaign email sent from February 2019; sent to 2142 contacts; 23.1% open rate; .3% click rate)
  • Description: Because the company was lacking a dedicated Marketing role, the prior emails were very basic, sporadic and did not include information in the body besides an announcement and a contact person. The new campaign focuses on how they serve the clients, recruiting referral sources and prospects, and what they can do for the business owner looking to sell. I created a brand new and dynamic template with an eye-catching header, branded to the logo colors. Includes a consistent format of educational articles, tips, a link to RSVP to the upcoming Eventbrite events, team head shots and a link to the contact pages, plus calls to action throughout. This includes direct links to Eventbrite RSVP, contacting the team members, educational articles and materials, and LinkedIn. The newsletter is scheduled to send to targeted contact lists once every 8 weeks, alternating with other campaigns.
  • Link to the October 2019 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/2LGmmnZ

Social Media Membership Drive

May 2018

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