Empower Business Connection hosts these valuable netowrking meetings that are noth local and now, with the additon of virtual, national and international. Network with businesspeople and learn new ideas for your business and career. Whether you are a business owner, salesperson, financial advisor, marketing professional, attorney, doctor, therapist, contractor, banker, realtor, or any other profession, you are welcome at the Empower Business Connection networking meetings, seminars, and events to meet new people, grow relationships and learn business techniques to help you succeed and grow.

3rd Wed
Empower Salmon River Business Networking

Hosted by Liza Sivek
Connect with fellow business people at this hybrid in-person and virtual meeting. Empower Salmon River Business Networking meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM in Colchester, CT and with a virtual Zoom video call so everyone can join in from whever they are.
Each meeting will have a introduction, get-to-know-you time and then a speaker.  Click here to register to attend. $10 Fee in person (no fee for virtual).
5:30 PMColchester, CT
AND Virtual
Empower Virtual Business NetworkingConnect with fellow business people from your computer, tablet or phone. Empower Virtual Networking meets every Tuesday at 5:00pm via Zoom.  Click here to register to attend.
5:00 PMVirtual
3rd Mon
Empower Women’s Business Newtwork
Hosted by Claudia Dunsmore, Lisa Gangone, and Shari Madho. Connect with fellow business women from your computer, tablet or phone. Empower Women’s Network meets the third Monday at 6:00 pm. Currently we meet via Zoom but an in person meeting will be added soon.  Click here to register to attend.
6:00 PMVirtual
2nd Thu
Empower Business Our Breakfast ClubHosted by Peaches Quinn and Eric Lopkin. Join the Empower Business Connection for Our Breakfast Club. The event focuses on building long-term relationships between businesspeople to facilitate a sharing of knowledge and exchange of referrals. workshops to share information on how to build your business and career. Click here to register to attend.
Empower Business Wake Up WednesdayHosted by Pete Forcellina. The Wake Up Wednesday meets every Wednesday at 7:30 AM. Participants do 30 second commercials for their businesses and exchange business leads and testimonials. Meetings also may have a scheduled presentation by a member of the network. Click here to register to attend.
7:30 AMVirtual

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