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For small to midsize business owners, marketing can feel like a constantly moving target. Marketing professional and agency owner Liza Sivek discusses how to avoid frustration and build a better brand by breaking down trends, defining terminology, and through discussions with industry guests. If you want to make your marketing less of a struggle and more of a benefit join us every week for the Marketing Myths and Magic podcast.


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EPISODE 5: Are Human Proofreaders Obsolete?

Liza talks with Joni Aveni, Professional Proofreader and Editor.


Coming Soon!

EPISODE 4: How to Brand Part 2 – Packaging Design

Liza talks with Nichole Howell about Branding, Packaging & Graphic Design.

Instagram Business: @partnerwithaspark
Instagram: @luminousspark
Twitter: @luminousSPARK

Liza and Nichole cover “Packaging and Branding, Why it’s Important!”; “Tips and Misconceptions”; “Seeking Opportunities”, and “Taking On What Helps you Learn and Grow”.

Nichole Howell, a branding a graphic designer, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and was Valedictorian of her class at Digital Media Arts College, (now part of Lynn College). Nichole brings her education and experience to life, sharing that knowledge in hopes of helping other entrepreneurs get their business going. Nichole even has a patent on a pool float too!

In her spare time, Nichole likes to take a more adventurous route with Trail Runs (in the dark with headlamps on and howls in the dark) and Sky Diving. Next up, she is even working on a skydiving rig!

EPISODE 3: Beyond the Logo – Branding Tips Part 1

Liza talks with Michelle Anderson, Owner of TheoryIllustrated Branding & Design.

Instagram: @theory.illustrated
Facebook: @TheoryIllustrated
Facebook Group: BombBrandBuildingForBossWomen

Liza and Michelle cover “What is the number one question you get from branding clients?”; “What branding misconceptions have you come across?”; “What is your process?”.

Since Michelle was about 17, she always had an affinity for design and computers. She began editing profile pictures and would do little tweaks to graphics. She then found herself being commissioned to do other people’s profiles and that’s how it started. Originally a hobby for over a decade, in 2016 she decided to launch a business to help other entrepreneurs. Michelle not only offers her expertise to her clients in Branding and Design, but she also educates them on how to use it.

EPISODE 2: Motivation as Marketing Strategy

Liza talks with Robert LaFrance, Realtor with eXp, Entrepreneur, Motivator.

Instagram: @LaFranceLife
YouTube: LaFranceParadigm
TikTok: @LaFranceLife

Liza and Robert cover “How did you start as an entrepreneur?”; “What’s your thought process when planning your podcast?”; “Where did One-on-One with Robert In a Onesie come from?”; “What do you hope your audience takes away from your videos?”.

By definition, Robert is an adrenaline junky, but he is so much more than that. As a Navy Veteran, Robert was a diver for 7 years, where one of his responsibilities was to train teams in how to escape submarines. However, and although he had a lot of fun and has many stories, he realized that this wasn’t something he wanted to do for another 13 years. As he says, “what do you do?” “you have to move on”. And that’s just what he did. He started school and received his BS in Workforce Education Development. He also works and invests in Real Estate and more recently became a volunteer firefighter, which allows him to serve his clients and his community. With the use of systems to live life, he is able to enjoy his most favorite things, such as spending time with his family and sky diving.

Favorite quote from this episode: “Instead of trading your time for money, trade your expertise for money”.

EPISODE 2: Get Past the Fear & Show Up In Your Marketing

Liza talks with Danielle Goldsmith of Find Your Happy Guided Coaching

Facebook Business Page:
Blog: Danielle Goldsmith
Facebook Group: Coaching Queens 20-20
YouTube: Coaching Queens 20-20
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Liza and Danielle cover: “Why do I have to promote myself and not just my business?”; Steps to take to overcome the fear of promoting yourself; and Danielle’s favorite piece of advice!

From childhood, Danielle knew she liked helping others. However, through trials and tribulations, she came to realize, in 2013, that her life was not “HER” life. January 2014 was a changing point for
Danielle, when a friend suggested that she join an online group. She began reclaiming her life and her happiness, which in turn was the start of “Find Your Happy Guided Life Coaching”. The 4 pillars she stands by are: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love. Danielle gives guidance applying these pillars to help others better themselves and their business.

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