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EPISODE 9: Marketing Skin Care and How to Look Good on Zoom without Makeup? *Giveaway Episode!!*

Liza talks with Bethany Hilt, Founder and Owner of the Vertere Beauty and Skin Care Line

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Facebook: @VETERE
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Bethany is the Founder and Owner of Vertere Beauty and Skin Care. A natural ingredient, clean line of products for the Face, Neck, Eye and Skin Concerns.

When Bethany was around 6 years old, her grandmother taught her a lot of the foundations in making beauty products, from facial masks and lotions to hair conditioners, using natural ingredients. This ignited her passion and lead her on a new skin care path!

She has a Public Relations background, and she absolutely feels at home when she is either on TV or interacting with people, providing them with a consumer perspective. She loves to information they need to help with their skin care concerns.