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EPISODE 5: Are Human Proofreaders Obsolete?

Liza talks with Joni Aveni, Professional Proofreader and Editor.

LinkedIn Handle: Alphadog

From a young age, Joni found a love for words, reading and making fun of silly bloopers that were in written materials. She and her father would find the hilarious typos and misspellings that were in one of their local publications together.

After her time at Boston University, where she majored in communication, Joni went into advertising. She worked in all aspects of advertising until she moved to Connecticut and began working at Walden Books (her match made in heaven job) where she became their staff, writer and editor. However, once she began growing her family, she decided to go out on her own and started her own home-based business. Joni grew her business mostly by word of mouth and she is still going strong!

In her spare time, Joni enjoys geocaching. She and her husband, Joe, have collected over 14,000 geocaches from all over the United States and in other countries.

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