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EPISODE 4: How to Brand Part 2 – Packaging Design

Liza talks with Nichole Howell about Branding, Packaging & Graphic Design.

Instagram Business: @partnerwithaspark
Instagram: @luminousspark
Twitter: @luminousSPARK

Nichole Howell, a branding a graphic designer, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and was Valedictorian of her class at Digital Media Arts College, (now part of Lynn College). Nichole brings her education and experience to life, sharing that knowledge in hopes of helping other entrepreneurs get their business going. Nichole even has a patent on a pool float too!

In her spare time, Nichole likes to take a more adventurous route with Trail Runs (in the dark with headlamps on and howls in the dark) and Sky Diving. Next up, she is even working on a skydiving rig!

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