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EPISODE 2: Motivation as Marketing Strategy

Liza talks with Robert LaFrance, Realtor with eXp, Entrepreneur, Motivator.

Instagram: @LaFranceLife
YouTube: LaFranceParadigm
TikTok: @LaFranceLife

By definition, Robert is an adrenaline junky, but he is so much more than that. As a Navy Veteran, Robert was a diver for 7 years, where one of his responsibilities was to train teams in how to escape submarines. However, and although he had a lot of fun and has many stories, he realized that this wasn’t something he wanted to do for another 13 years. As he says, “what do you do?” “you have to move on”. And that’s just what he did. He started school and received his BS in Workforce Education Development. He also works and invests in Real Estate and more recently became a volunteer firefighter, which allows him to serve his clients and his community. With the use of systems to live life, he is able to enjoy his most favorite things, such as spending time with his family and sky diving.

Favorite quote from this episode: “Instead of trading your time for money, trade your expertise for money”.

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