Liza demystified the marketing myths that stumped me as a new online entrepreneur. With the myriad of things that the gurus say you need to be, do and have to achieve online success, it had become overwhelming. Liza used simple terms, visual examples, and humor to help me focus on what marketing KPI’s are most important. If you need help with your marketing, or just want a team to do it for you, then check out Liza Sivek Marketing, she’s got you covered.

Rasheeda G., Business Coach, The Mompreneur HQ

I was a DIYer for a long time, and that included my website. Yikes. I was scared anytime I sensed someone was heading over there. BUT NOW! I am just so excited for people to go to my website now. It’s beautiful, it makes sense, it’s just AWESOME. I get excited when someone asks for my website. Thank you so much!”

Katy Almstrom
Owner, AFC LLC

Financial Wellness Coach, www.almstromcoaching.com

” January 10, 2020

Liza’s perspective on marketing encompasses the form of her experience coupled with the tools of her trade as a creative digital media manager. She is passionate about each client’s brand and how that translates to the audience.  Her discernment, her eye, and her empathy are intangibles that clients value the most in the end result of her work.”

Amy Longmoore, Business Builder

Attlas Virtual Assistant, Bradford, VT

“October 30, 2019

Liza has worked with me for the last year….She provided efficient and reliable support to our organization in the areas of member support, marketing, social media outreach and most importantly, website development.

Liza developed a great relationship with our Board and our general membership. A great deal of communication went directly through Liza. She frequently assisted with troubleshooting of the website, membership dues payments and event registrations. She has always provided the highest level of customer support.

Liza developed graphics and texts for our social media outreach. She was able to create efficiencies so we had regular communication on our social media channels. She is responsible for more than doubling our reach via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

An unexpected task in which Liza was instrumental was changing our website to a new vendor. Not only does Liza have a strong marketing background, but her technology background was on full display during this time. Liza assumed a lead role in working with our vendor in transferring our member database, ensuring all records were correct, and developing back-end materials and processes. This project would have taken twice as long had Liza not taken the initiative to put in extra time to get the website up and running. In addition, she was readily available to assist members over the first few months of the website go-live.

Over the last year, I found Liza to be creative, hard-working, and reliable. She brought years of marketing and technology experience to the organization and provided a lens of excellence to our outreach and communications. Liza provided guidance and strategies with which to improve our administrative and marketing processes. This has lead to significant efficiencies in our current workflow.

Liza is passionate about marketing, technology and efficient administrative processes and would make a valuable addition to any team.”

Jennifer Thompson, MS, APRN

Executive Director , New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association, Bedford, NH


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